Building in an inclusive way is the correct approach to a world that is increasingly turning its gaze to the theme of widespread accessibility, where people's dignity will be more and more important.

Building a residential facility for the elderly, accessible bathrooms for hotels or public premises, cannot be done with the idea of creating environments that look like hospitals.

In Goman we adopt the design for all guidelines, and whoever interacts with us will be able to verify our inclusive way of working, also in the relationship with the final client.

1. Efficient Partnership

We turn to all those who have to build or redefine a bathroom environment. First of all we are the right partner, the right "support" to create bathroom environments that comply with the regulations, the needs of the final user and with the functional and aesthetic needs.

2. Design assistance

Making accessible solutions is complex. With our support everything will become much easier. Thanks to our experience in the field, we can assist you in the design phase proposing the most suitable products, evaluating their correct positioning based on their use and the context in which they will be placed.

We can propose the most suitable solutions for the existing spaces; being able to use our 2D, 3D or BIM libraries during the design of inclusive environments is essential. We make our designs available and we believe that this is an indispensable added value in a profitable relationship between us and a designer.


There is no "standard", every project will have different needs.

Whether it is a large-scale project, or if you are looking for a solution for a simple redevelopment of a bathroom in an accessible perspective, our catalogue has a wide range of products. A Goman product can be used in any project.

The great versatility of our catalogue allows us to offer the best product for every price range and not only high-end products.


4. Made in Italy production

We can call our production "made in Goman". All our aids for solutions to create a design, functional and assisted bathroom are created in our laboratories with materials and articles that are made in Italy, one of the countries with the most accurate control systems. Together with the ISO 9001 certification this is a great guarantee of quality and safety for those who choose one of our products.

5. Types of projects

When we talk about bathroom environments we also refer to large-scale projects such as the creation of assisted bathrooms for residential care facilities for the elderly, hotels and public premises. Thanks to a varied catalogue and the experience gained over the years, we can support you in any type of design, even the most complex.