1960 – 2010

Goman was born in 1960 thanks to Renato Goglione. It started as a small craft laboratory (named Gover) that worked in the paint and coating field. Since the beginning we focused on quality and innovation: these features allowed us to overcome the small scale and to offer ourselves as one of the most original and dynamic companies in our industry.

2010 – 2019

Our company kept on growing: the group Goman-Gover has more than 50 employees, 4 commercial directors and 25 Italian sales representatives; nearly 30% of our production is exported in more than 20 European countries. We work in 4 production plants for a total of 6.000 square meters.

2020 - Our goal: offering a glimmer of light to those in the dark

Goman is a big family made of people who have always paid attention to those who suffer from impaired mobility. We believe in research and prevention, we work in order to create environments that go beyond the concept of the mere elimination of architectural barriers: that idea was just the first step.

But we look beyond these notions: now we need to offer universal solutions that comply with everyone’s need by responding to the increasingly important issues of accessibility in our society.

We like to merge the concepts of “functionality” and “elegance” by offering innovative products. Elderly and disabled people have lost for too long their rights to “normality”, by being forced to use and enjoy environments and objects that are clearly “different” from the others.

We are not different as human beings, but our needs as human beings are different.

Our goal is to design and realise products that satisfy every need; we try to create safe, comfortable and design bathroom environments which are universal, addressed to everyone.

Designers, resale

In addition to products, bathroom aids and elegant furnishing aids, Goman offers also its experience and expertise aged over time. Whether you are a designer or a retailer that needs the creation of an accessible bathroom, we will support you in your design choices and we will offer you the best products depending on your needs.