Bathrooms For Elderly People


An accessible elegance

As time passes, we all grow old and begin to develop mobility problems. Although the quality of our life after the age of 65 has considerably improved compared to the past, it is natural that the body is no longer the one that was used to be.

Elegant bath products for the elderly

However, the needs of an elderly man have changed over time. An elderly person lives his third age with greater serenity and vitality, a new stimulating starting point. We have then studied bathrooms’ lines addressed to the elderly people with products that could be cross-cutting, specifically designed in order to be functional and, at the same time, enjoyable and elegant.

Design Bathrooms
Goman Bathrooms For Elderly People

Our tubs, provided with doors, and bathroom aids for elderly people

When our body does not longer allow us to use the sanitary appliances on our own, Goman always offers cutting-edge solutions with a dedicated and refined design: a full range of bath tubs addressed to elderly people, thanks to the wide range available with the programs Oasi and Doorex. We realise versatile and refined lines, such as our bathtubs provided with doors addressed to elderly people: they are safe, comfortable, usable by anyone and, finally, customizable through special bathing aids, including safety handlebars.

Find out here our bathtubs provided with doors

A new concept of bathroom furniture

Goman proposes a new bathroom furniture’s concept, which is the result of a research in comfort and accessibility. The bathroom environment becomes “easy”, for a diversified use whose aim is not to strain users.

For those who need comfortable, versatile and elegant bathroom furniture, the New Age collection, with an integrated extractable seat, it the best choice for the whole family. A single refined piece of furniture which is usable by anyone: children, adults and people with motor difficulties.

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A safe bathroom

Amongst the appropriately designed lines, Goman also offers handlebars, seats and taps which can be found in the series Open Leonardo and Raffaello; but also sanitary aids of the Alto3 series and specially designed furnishing in order to create comfortable and safe bathing environments.

Our products meet the needs of elderly people, without shaking family needs: we have improved the product’s accessibility for people with mobility problems, by conveniently integrating them with the “house” environment.

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Contributions for the construction of the bathroom

New tax advantages and PIT deductions have been introduced by Decree n°236 of 1989, so to promote the elimination of architectural barriers, even in the event of renovation of a pre-existing bathroom; these works must aim to its adaption to new requirements and needs of the family environment.


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