Cubo Kit

You can buy our complete sanitary kit, that allows the setting-up of a standard bathroom, according to the Italian Ministerial Decree n. 236/89. Creating an environment that complies with the law is not just a legal obligation, but gives also the certainty of living in a safe and comfortable space. While designing public bathrooms you must pay attention to both hygienic and safety regulations . These standards are provided by the Italian Ministerial Decree n. 236/89 that regulates this matter nationally.

Whoever builds up or renovates a facility, must make reference to this Decree during any process that involves the accessible and architectonic aspects of the work. In order to facilitate the installer during these phases, Goman provides complete practical kits that combines essential elements (bathroom aids, washbasin, handles, etc.) in a single package, so to create a complete bathroom environment that complies with the law.

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