If you are an architect or a surveyor and you deal with accessible design, you may agree with us that designing inclusive spaces is a tough challenge that requires the correct assistance. Having a single partner that helps you both during the design and the choice of the product, is fundamental in order to optimize processes and to obtain high quality standards.

Goman knows very well this sector, his dynamics and, above all, its problems. With our support, each phase of the design process will become much easier.

1. A single partner

Relying on more than one suppliers can lead to time delays. If you choose Goman you will be supported by an extremely competent team during the creation of accessible bath environments.
The whole production chain is controlled internally: it allows us to provide, to those who choose our solutions, high quality products at the best prices. Our goods are also ISO 9001 certified.

Goman is 100% Made in Italy.

2. 3D elements (BIM, 2D, 3D)

The use of BIM, 2D and 3D libraries is fundamental during the design of inclusive environments. Our draws are available for the designer: we think this is an added essential value so to create a fruitful work relationship.


3. Design assistance

Whether your need is to design a functional bathroom or a design bath, Goman offers you permanent support during the realization of a safe environment that complies with the law: we will help you during the selection and the placement of suitable furniture, according to the design requirements.

We can offer you suitable solutions according to the space available; we can also offer rendering of realistic images and precise sizing.

4. Compliance with the law

An accessible bath environment does not depend only on strict regulations. An assisted bathroom properly designed must follow the information contained in the Decrees n° 384/78 and 236/89, whose aim is to establish the principles of liveability in each environment.

We are constantly updated on regulatory issues: customers’ safety and health is essential.

5. Project types

While talking about bathroom environments, we also refer to large-scale projects, such as the construction of assisted bathrooms addressed to RSA, hotels and public places. Thanks to the presence of a wide catalogue, and a long-aged experience, we can support you during any type of design, even the most complex.

6. An accessible bath environment

The functional bathroom and the design bathroom are concepts that have merged over time. Now it is correct to talk about “accessible bathroom”.

Our production approach is based on the formula “Design for All”: we aim to ensure the elimination of architectural barriers, by proposing elegant and functional bathroom’s pieces of furniture.

7. Innovative solutions for everybody

Goman focuses on the accessibility issue: our services and products are cross-cutting. We do not make differences between users: an accessible bathroom respects everyone’s needs; it should be an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease.

8. Design and innovation

It is said that beauty is subjective: an accessible bathroom is often linked to the concept of a functional and unattractive bathroom. Goman, instead, offers solutions that create elegant environments with good technical features.


We have a wide products’ catalogue that allows users to create accessible bathrooms according to any type of both functional of design necessity. We are also proud to announce that all our products are 100% Made in Italy: this is a quality assurance.